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Benefits of installing Fire protection systems in the building

ByJunalene Sumbalan

Aug 31, 2021
Benefits of installing Fire protection systems in the building

Installing Fire protection systems in buildings is essential, however, there are still many that do not have an adequate fire prevention system. This is what causes accidents that could have been avoided to occur.

Why have Fire protection systems?

Fire protection is very important, so having a prevention system is essential. It’s not just about having fire extinguishers and knowing how to use them, at best. Fire protection systems protect us and prevent unwanted damage from fire.

The reasons why we have fire protection systems are many, but first, let’s see how to prevent fires.

Keys to fire prevention

The key to avoiding a fire lies in having sufficient material and informative preparation. As for the material preparation, here come the equipment and the facilities, on the other hand, the informative preparation has to do with the adequate training in the use of such equipment.

If we start with the material means, all buildings should have the following protective facilities and equipment:

Fire prevention facilities

  • Portable fire extinguishers. The correct placement of fire extinguishers in indoor spaces is essential. These must be located, from the origin of evacuation to a maximum of 15 meters of travel in each plant. In addition, there must be an extra fire extinguisher outside, next to the access door.
  • Fire hydrants properly equipped. Where solid combustible materials exist, a properly equipped fire hydrant must be placed.
  • Emergency elevator. When the evacuation height is higher than 28 meters, there should be an emergency elevator.
  • Hydrants in the access area to the building. Taking into account the evacuation height there must be at least one hydrant for every 10,000 square meters of constructed area. Hydrants are equipment capable of supplying large amounts of water in a short time.
  • Automatic extinguishing installation. The Fire protection systems regulations establish that in all buildings whose height does not exceed 80 meters there must be an automatic fire extinguishing installation.

In addition, it is not only about having all these Fire protection systems & equipment, but the appropriate maintenance must be carried out. To do this, you must comply with the provisions of the Regulation of Fire Protection Facilities.

On the other hand, the facilities mentioned above must have the corresponding certificate from the installation company. In turn, these companies must periodically review both the facilities and the certificates, ensuring that they are in force and comply with the required safety measures.

Adequate information is essential so that we know not only how these equipment work, but when the time comes, how to use them. In the workplace is where companies usually train their employees on this subject. Communities and buildings, as well as private homes, completely lack the minimum knowledge to avoid this type of accident.

Benefits of installing Fire protection systems in the building

How it benefits me to put a Fire protection system

Having a Fire protection systems brings multiple benefits, if not that it can save our lives. The material and human damage that these systems can avoid should be more than sufficient grounds for them. But let’s see what are the main advantages of having fire detection systems:

Odor detection

Most of the security systems that have built-in Fire protection systems have the ability to detect odors that would otherwise go unnoticed. Many of these odors such as carbon monoxide, or gas leaks are toxic and could cause serious damage or even death if we do not act in time.

Alerts us immediately

When putting a Fire protection systems we have a sensor that is able to detect the minimum smell or accumulation of fumes. When this occurs, the sensor will trigger an alarm signal that will transmit the fire alert to the monitoring center. At the same time, an audible alarm will sound that will alert people who are in the building or building at that time.

Constant vigilance

Fire protection systems have devices that monitor everything that happens 24 hours a day. That is, they are active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so any type of incident will be detected in time to notify the fire crews.

Greater damage control

Since Fire protection systems are activated immediately, we can act more quickly. This causes the damage to be minimized, thus being able to rescue most of the furniture from the fire. And not only the furniture, but the buildings themselves will suffer less damage when the fire is detected in time.

Adaptability of Fire protection systems

Fire detection systems adapt to users, therefore, there are systems designed for people with hearing disabilities. In these cases, instead of an auditory signal, the equipment emits lights or vibrations to alert people who are currently in the building.

Flexibility in placement

The possibility of placing several devices in different places of the building, or room, gives us the security of having controlled as much space as possible. In this way, wherever the first sign of alarm is detected, we will automatically be notified. The larger the area covered, the lower the risk of fire.


Peace of mind is another of the great advantages of having these systems. If we are absent from our home, office, or premises for a long period of time, we will not have to worry about possible fires. We will know that in case it happens, the system will be responsible for alerting immediately.

For all this it is convenient to put Fire protection systems in buildings. Preventing accidents is even more important than acting in time once the fire is unleashed. Professional companies can advise and help us in terms of fire prevention, both with material and human resources.