July 4, 2020

Garage doors: which opening to choose?

As mentioned above, all garage doors have different opening systems . To choose your door properly, you must take into account the different characteristics of your garage: 

  • Are you going to store a lot of things? 
  • Do you want to park your car? 
  • Does your garage open on a driveway, your garden, or on the street?

We offer different types of openings depending on the size of your garage and your budget. 

Small garage doors / overlooking the street.

Your garage is narrow, very crowded or directly on the street? Three types of doors are right for you: the roll-up door , the sliding garage door or the sectional door. 

  • The sectional garage door does not overflow and does not take up space in the garage. It is advisable to choose materials of good quality, otherwise, by dint of sliding, the door will present quickly “game”.
  • The roll-up garage door does not encroach on the outside, clutches the interior and has a good thermal insulation.
  • Sliding garage doors are expensive to buy, but they save a lot of space. In addition, their installation is very fast, while their use requires very little effort.

Large garages doors without constraints.

Do you own a large garage and think about motorizing your door ? We suggest you choose a tilting garage door or a swing garage door. 

  • The swing garage door requires a large space and can be motorized.
  • The garage door tilting is adapted to the motorization and has a good quality-price ratio.

Small budgets.

Do you have a small budget? We advise you to opt for an accordion garage door or a casement garage door. 

  • The folding accordion garage door is not expensive and takes up very little space. Be careful though, it can not be motorized. If you cravings evolve, you will have to proceed to a door replacement with change of opening.
  • The swing garage door has a very good value for money. It frees the inside of the garage and opens from the outside. It is not suitable for garages that open directly on the street, such as garages townhouses for example.