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RBR Moving Newcastle

ByMayur Bhatt

Jul 11, 2019
RBR Moving Newcastle

Moving company in Charlestown, Australia

RBR Moving is an independent company that hand selects the most reliable, professional and affordable businesses in the trade and moving service industries. The following business has consistently met our standards and they are a supplier that RBR Moving Newcastle Removalist can highly recommend.

We’re a Charlestown, New South Wales based moving company; we do metro and interstate out in the eastern seaboard. RBR Moving Newcastle has a blend of commercial clients as well as residential.

RBR Moving Newcastle

A lot our clients nowadays are people that are wanting to move a few items interstate from Maitland down to Newcastle through to Lake Macquarie and vice versa. RBR Moving removalists Newcastle offer storage facilities to clients. RBR Moving also offer pre-packing service, unpacking, car, transport, as well as a few items to a whole house load.

Hi, my name is Kim. We moved in two years ago. I highly recommend them. The move was stress free, it was easy, it was – the pain stacking task of moving a house was just fantastic. It was all taken off our hands and Lift and Load were very professional in the way they moved us.

My move with Lift and Load was fantastic. The guys were prompt, they were friendly, they made the move really smooth and best of all, they did it all with a smile on their face. So, the day was lightened by the mood of the guys that were there.

Moving Newcastle

Moving Newcastle

With our local clients, RBR Moving Newcastle Movers do it a little bit differently than other businesses, whereby once the client is booked in for a local move, RBR Moving Newcastle Movers only book him one truck per job, per day.

So, RBR Moving Newcastle is not trying cram in other jobs before the client and after the client. And as RBR Moving specializes in settlement jobs it works quite well, because the client is not rushed in any way.

This is the third time we’ve moved in three years. I found their services to be excellent. And first time in a sense was the best time in as much as Jody who has been I suppose you’d call her the coordinator and still is. As I told her, like a rock in a stream, I was the stream and she was the rock.

Mayur Bhatt

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