Safety Equipment matters: how to best prepare for a season

Safety Equipment

Before you get behind the wheel of a motorcycle, you need to take care of the Safety equipment. So says motorcycle sales specialist Eugene . On the eve of the opening of the motorcycle season, the correspondent of the agency Minsk- visited a salon where they sell not only Safety equipment but also related products necessary for safe and comfortable riding for bikers.


One of the customers wished to completely redo the engine. Naturally, in the direction of increasing power. As a result, the engine capacity from 110 cubic inches (1 802 cm³) was brought to 117 cubic inches (1 917 cm³). This does not happen so often. Usually, owners are asked to replace the headlights, and instead of rubber handles to install metal. At the same time, some customers prefer to chrome bikes, make them shiny, while others, on the contrary, remove chrome, leaving dark colors. Quite often they ask for airbrushing. A motorcycle is not only a means of transportation, but also self-expression.

The cheapest motorcycle and not the worst one costs about 10 thousand US dollars. Rarely does anyone get his first Harley without a run. Typically, such purchases are made at the age of 30-35, when a person consciously decides that he needs a motorcycle. Three weeks before getting a driver’s license, they come and choose the right model
.But any bike requires appropriate Safety equipment.

You can’t do without it. Equipment must meet Safety equipment requirements and at the same time be comfortable. This also applies to classic leather jackets, and glasses, and gloves. Perhaps the most important element of protective Safety equipment is the helmet.

It needs to be selected in size so that it does not hang on the head and does not squeeze whiskey to pain. According to statistics, a properly fitted and correctly worn helmet significantly reduces the risk of fatal head injuries.

It can be fully open, equipped with small glasses, and also completely enclosed. Good to have a few helmets. In the summer, when it’s hot, choose the first option. If you go on a long journey where it can catch rain, an invasion of mosquitoes or locusts, you put on the second. A good closed helmet will weigh 1.45–1.65 kg. But this is your Safety equipment.

The weather in Belarus is changeable: either the sun is shining, or, you see, it poured rain. Therefore, I would recommend using quality jackets on the trip that will not allow you to get wet.

plain leather jacket. In this rain is not terrible. In addition, you feel safer than in ordinary clothes. After all, the jacket has built-in protection on the back, shoulders and elbows. I immediately remembered the bulletproof vest.

But the jacket is not so heavy. A special membrane allows the body to breathe in the summer, while the material does not get wet. All seams are glued, zippers are . The protection built into the material takes the form of a body. In such clothes you can go to work, to the store, for a walk. The pants also have protection on the hips and knees.

Motorcycles with mileage on the gas tank can be scratched. They are formed by contact with the paintwork of the metal buttons of a motorcyclist’s jacket, ”the specialist draws attention. – In this jacket, the two lower buttons are , so the gas tank does not scratch. A trifle, but very important.

And quite a lot. Girls are very good drivers. They are more accurate and attentive on the road, because they have a wider peripheral peripheral vision compared to men, who, in turn, have more developed “tunnel” vision. Our girls ride both the small Harley-Davidson Super Low, which are more suitable for city trips, and the heavier Touring family weighing under 400 kg.

“There are never too many gloves, ” continues Eugene. – You need to have at least three pairs. If you like to travel, and we ride from spring to autumn, then gloves should be open and closed by season. Some have protection. Usually, with the fall, the little finger and palm are most susceptible to injury.

Safety Equipment

We stop near motorcycle shoes. E. pays attention to high boots. Walking in them is not very convenient, and in the summer it is hot to drive around the city. But it’s good to travel in them. The main thing in motorcycle shoes is the reliable protection of the sock, as well as the heels and ankles, which are most often injured in the event of a fall.

Eugene offers me to put on a leather jacket and temporarily feel like a motorcyclist. Well, the clothes are really comfortable. But I wouldn’t go driving a motorcycle. I trust the car more.

How much is the cost of motorcyclist Safety equipment?

If we talk about a quality product, then the jacket will cost about $ 1,000, pants – about 600, gloves – from 35 to 150, a helmet – 350-400. I would not recommend buying a cheap helmet – it can crack from a blow. will be spent on shoes. A total of about $ 2,500. You can choose a budget option. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the Safety equipment will be. It must meet the Safety equipment requirements and be comfortable during the trip.“Road Safety equipment is paramount.” Your recommendations for beginner motorcyclists?

First of all, you need to observe the speed limit. It was invented for a reason. I understand there are motorcycles on which you can ride 200 km / h and even more. If you want to fly fast – go to a closed area. And in the city you need to ride by the rules. After all, we have about 95% of all accidents due to the fact that someone exceeded the speed. Well, if in the event of an accident only iron suffers, you will restore it, paint it. But health can not be improved. Therefore, I advise you to use Safety equipment not only for drivers, but also for passengers. And do not forget that we are not immortal. We urge motorists to look in the mirror more often! If the rider rides according to the rules, the light is on on the bike, the driver does not exceed the speed, he is noticeable. Recently, more often I see drivers driving through us in traffic. Thank you very much for that.