• Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Safety gate for children. Protecting your baby

safety gate

Safety gate for children is able to cope with this function . With their help, your child will be sufficiently reliably protected. To ensure the safety of older children, “Protector” recommends reading the article ” Safe mobile phone for children”These are devices with a low level of radiation, large buttons, a type of children’s toy, and often manufacturers build additional functions into them, for example, determining the location of a child and an alarm button.

Returning to the topic of the material, we say that it is sometimes customary to call a safety gate a children’s protective barrier. Although the latter name is more often used for fencing on the bed, so that the baby does not fall from it. The essence of a safety gate is to block the path of a small child to dangerous or unwanted places. Most of them are intended for children under two years old, since an older child will be able to overcome them.

But there are also more reliable barriers that are designed to protect children under three, and sometimes up to five years. You can buy different options, but first decide which one is best for you. Also, “Protector Bagheera” recommends that you read the review on the safety of preschool children , where the main methods of protecting preschoolers are described in more detail.

Main characteristics of child safety gate

There are two main types of gates:

  • Wall-mounted models – require drilling of walls for installation and are permanently attached to them. But on the other hand, they allow you to create a polygonal fence, which is especially convenient, for example, for separating an electric heater or fireplace, on which the crumb can burn itself. An important advantage of wall-mounted models is the absence of a lower threshold, which increases the safety of passing through such gates.
  • They can be hinged and sliding. There are options when you can make a closed period from the fences, put a special mattress there and now you have a full-fledged arena ready. And if you also add a specially designed roof on top, then we get a cozy house for the baby, which can be easily taken in the summer to the village to the most beloved grandmother or to the country house.
  • Opening models. They work on the principle of spacers, as a rule, they do not require any manipulations with the walls, they are easily mounted and dismantled. They are intended for installation in various openings. They have a lower threshold, which is unsafe in some cases. Designed for standard openings, special extensions of different lengths are used for embedding into passages of any size. There are also portable, lightweight options that fold up and transport easily, designed to protect your little one on the go.

safety gate

It is also customary to divide these devices according to the materials used in the safety gate for children:

  • Wood – often used as a decorative and environmentally friendly material;
  • Metal – high reliability, the main trump card of metal structures;
  • Plastic is a budget option, as a rule, security gates are not made entirely of plastic, but are used for elements that do not perform a load-bearing function;
  • There may also be hybrid options for metal with wood, usually such combinations are used more for aesthetic purposes.

Additional features of children’s safety gate:

  • Automatic door closing system – will help forgetful parents and close the gates behind them;
  • Open door alarm – will alert parents if the door is open. It can have several levels of volume depending on the time that has passed after the gate was opened;
  • Opening the door in both directions – significantly increases the usability, especially if you often go back and forth;
  • The ability to open the gate with one hand – allows adults to pass, holding a child in their arms;
  • Open lock indicator – will tell adults whether the lock on the gate is open or closed, usually green and red LEDs are used for this;
  • safety gate for children should you choose?

    Opening models are good in terms of portability and easy installation, if these factors are important to you, then take them. And if you are not sure that you will always close the gate behind you, then buy an open-door version with auto-closing or alarm. Wall-mounted models are attractive in that they have no threshold to catch on, which means this is the best option for installation on top of a flight of stairs. The of safety gate are also good when you need to protect only part of the room, that is, make a polygonal security perimeter. Wall-mounted sliding models usually do not require additional extension modules and are suitable for openings over a meter wide.

    And at the end, some tips for choosing a security gate. Protect key areas that pose a danger to young children. This is usually a staircase, kitchen, balcony. Check regularly that the safety door is securely fastened to the bearing support. Do not leave objects next to them, using which your young prodigy will be able to get over the obstacle. When purchasing a gate, pay attention to how large the passage is and how wide the door opens – the wider, the more convenient it is for an adult, because you constantly pass through them.

  • Never step through a closed security gate, firstly, you risk accidentally damaging or catching them, and secondly, you give your child an idea how to get around your protection and be sure sooner or later he will try to bring it to life. You can also use such barriers to restrict access to the nursery of your dog or some other large enough animals. And finally, when buying a safety gate, always give preference to high-quality branded models, because you trust these devices for the life and health of your child.