• Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Engagement rings – types and features

engagement rings

The main symbol of marriage and love relationships is the Engagement rings, which is why its choice for newlyweds always remains essential. Visiting the jewelry house  D’amour nowadays you can get acquainted with a wide assortment of wedding rings that differ in design, manufacturing technology and quality, and their important distinguishing criteria are metal, profile, size and even care features, in addition, we note that some the most common are wedding rings and you can even choose custom wedding rings .

The choice of Engagement rings by material of manufacture

The undisputed leader among the materials for making jewelry is, of course, gold. But such rings are by no means affordable for many, which is why white metal products can serve as a good alternative to the rich classics. This material continues to successfully gain popularity and demand, and its feature in production is processing with a special agent – 585 and 750 rhodium.

Platinum rings are of the highest quality and durability. For many years they retain their color and are not afraid of scratches, besides, platinum is a hypoallergenic metal with 950 fineness.

If you prefer iconic jewelry, then when buying them, you should pay attention to the samples on the inside of the ring, where the quality mark confirms.

engagement rings

A modern trend is also a combined color for rings. For example, white gold with tints of red or yellow can be a great unique option. You can also give different tones to two hoops, combine two different colors on one ring, and even choose a three-color variation of wedding pieces. The online Engagement ring store offers a wide variety of beautiful rings, including those with diamonds of various sizes.

Perhaps the choice of conservative gold rims will serve as an excellent solution for the entire marriage life. This is a classic and stylish variety of Engagement rings design today. Thanks to this distinctive feature, such rings stand out significantly from the rest, remain easy to clean and do not have additional jewelry built into them, which can be lost. In addition, they are comfortable to wear with gloves and do not cling to clothes or hair when worn.


Thin Engagement rings are in high demand due to their sleek and sophisticated design, which looks great with a stylish and elegant bridal gown, but these models only go with long fingers. Such rings are often worn by many with engagement rings, which goes well and looks beautiful. Thin Engagement rings for the most part are intended for young girls.


This type of rings will always hold on your finger for a long time and firmly. Due to their size, you are unlikely to succeed in losing such a ring, but there is also their drawback – wide rings are difficult to put on, and sometimes even more difficult to remove. Therefore, when choosing, pay attention to more suitable sizes.


A simple and conservative option for young couples. The most common are the usual smooth surface options, but there are also various decorative variations. Regardless of this or that type, Engagement rings fit and look great on any fingers, besides, they are convenient and comfortable. The opposite option is the popular bulging headbands, which are mainly purchased by girls.