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How Good Physiotherapist Newcastle Improves the Quality of Your Life

ByMayur Bhatt

Jun 15, 2019
Physiotherapist newcastle

A physiotherapist newcastle is a health professional expert in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of multiple pathological conditions that are treated by non-pharmacological therapeutic techniques.

These therapeutic techniques can be: Electrotherapy, light therapy, movement therapy, heat therapy, cold and water, like many others.


A physiotherapist newcastle studies at least 4 years at the university to obtain the qualification after having completed the baccalaureate of health sciences, entrance exam to the university or a higher degree. With the higher degree, you can validate certain university credits as long as the higher degree is related to physiotherapy, in this case.

Physiotherapist newcastle

The upper grades that are more related to physiotherapy are: Higher degree in image for diagnosis and higher degree in radiotherapy.

Do not confuse a physiotherapist newcastle with a masseuse

Under no circumstances should a physiotherapist newcastle be confused with a masseuse since a physiotherapist has a university education and seeks to treat diseases and prevent them using the techniques described above. Likewise, the physiotherapist newcastle is the only health professional trained to perform non-pharmacological physical rehabilitation treatments.

The masseurs, on the other hand, study courses of a few months of training and are not trained or qualified to treat diseases. A physiotherapist newcastle is qualified to treat diseases. Therefore, always ask to be attended by a physiotherapist or rehabilitative doctor for rehabilitation treatments. (for your safety)

Objective of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy aims to facilitate the development, maintenance and recovery of the maximum functionality and mobility of the individual or group of people throughout their lives.

The physiotherapist newcastle not only seeks physical rehabilitation, but also seeks psychic health. Physiotherapy seeks a state of optimal health at a general level and always without the need for drug therapy.

physiotherapist newcastle

Where do physiotherapists develop their function?

Physiotherapist newcastle can perform their work autonomously in hospitals, clinics, spas, sports centers, spa and other centers dedicated to rehabilitation and physical-mental well-being. Likewise, they can carry out their work on their own in their own physiotherapy company.

Mayur Bhatt

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