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The building inspection: more than a pure process

ByJeremy Dawes

Aug 1, 2019
building inspection

The professional building inspection is a mandatory procedure to which buildings must be submitted from time to time to ensure their stability and functionality as a habitat.

But this primary function is complemented by others such as guaranteeing optimal maintenance of the property or that tenants are concerned with preserving and rehabilitating their properties.

A matter concerning all owners

The building inspection is not a certification that should be considered as a simple procedure that has to happen if or if every so often. The inspection guarantees that the building is suitable for use as housing and that the state of conservation is adequate not to pose any risk to citizens.

The use of the term citizen instead of a tenant is that it is the responsibility of the owners not only to maintain their homes safely but also to ensure that landslides or alterations in the structure of the building will not occur that may cause damage or harm to passers-by also outside the property.

building inspection

To do this, we should not only worry about passing Ā«the ITV of the buildingsĀ» when it touches (when the building turns 45 for the first Building Inspection) but also ensure that if necessary, the building is restored to the child Sign of needing it.

Therefore, the Building Inspection is the guarantee that each community or owner is concerned with the maintenance of common areas and the inhabited building in general: a fact that supposes a general benefit for the citizens.

Possible results of the Building Inspection

The Building Inspection is carried out by qualified technicians with an architect, rigger, technical architect, or building engineer degree. These provide the Housing Agency with the Building Inspection report certifying the state of the building, which may be apt or unfit. If issued as unfit, the severity scale that marks the actions to be implemented is as follows:

  • Very serious
  • With serious deficiencies
  • With slight deficiencies
building inspection

Keys to efficient Building Inspection

For all the above, it is advisable not to consider the building inspection as a procedure and take into account its usefulness and what prevents us. To do this, for our building to pass this control on a good note, it is important to consider the following points:

  • Count on a professional team of qualified architects technicians: there are no “low cost” certificates. If you want the effectiveness of your building inspection to go beyond the “Quinault’s” function and be of value to you, having a professional team that guarantees and guarantees the results is essential.
  • Introduce energy efficiency measures: the energy efficiency certificate, in addition to being mandatory in cases such as in which you want to sell or rent a property, brings great benefits to the entire community, which can be translated into grants, bonuses etc.
  • Do not wait 45 years to carry out works: adapt your building to current regulations, such as accessibility works, and develop a culture of awareness in building prevention and maintenance, which is also part of our property.

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