• Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

10 deas To Best Bathroom Renovation In A Weekend

Bathroom Renovation

One of the most expensive rooms to renovate in a home is the Bathroom Renovation, both cheap and temporary. Therefore, on many occasions it is left and postponed until it acquires an old and totally outdated appearance, where we do not feel at all comfortable.Even so, even though it is the area of ​​the home that costs the most to renovate, we can wash your face with small changes that are very, very economical, which can also be done in a very short period of time, and maintain a stylish bathroom. the time that passes. Isn’t it good for you to change the bathtub or go to a construction site to change the tiles? Do not worry. Come with me and let’s see these 10 ideas to renew the bathroom in a weekend and with a very low cost .

Change The Curtains :

Many bathrooms, instead of shower or bath screens , use curtains. If you are among them, you have a great opportunity to wash the face of your bathroom look for very little money.

Change The Mirror :

If you do not have a mirror embedded in the wall, but a traditional frame, you can change it for a new one. It doesn’t even have to be bought. It could be a mirror that you got, or that you rescued from the street. The fact is that the mirror change will be a radical change for the appearance of your Bathroom Renovation ; and the more different and prominent its frame, the greater effect you will achieve. Take a look at these bathroom mirrors .

Change Rugs :

Another simple and economic change but with great decorative power is that of the carpet. And, if you don’t have a carpet in the bathroom, it may be time for you to consider adding one. They are inexpensive and available in an infinite variety of designs that can make our bathroom look like a beautiful new face.

Change Or Install Wallpaper :

This task may take a little longer, but the result will be worth it. Installing a new wallpaper or adding one for the first time instead of plain paint will totally change the look of the bathroom. It will look like another. Naturally, this idea can only be carried out in Bathroom Renovation that have a wall without tiling with tiles.

Paint The Ceiling :

Ceilings are an element with great decorative power if we know how to exploit them. If not, take a look at the bathroom above these lines, where only the ceiling has been painted, resulting in an original, modern and daring bathroom, despite the time it already has.

Change The Faucet :

Small details make the difference. Have you thought about renovating the Bathroom Renovation taps? Sink faucets , shower faucets , etc. There are inexpensive models with great design that can make your bathroom look different. A simple gesture that involves a great change.

Bathroom Renovation

Add Or Change Storage :

All toilets, at least those of mortals, need extra storage space. A shelf, shelves, cabinets, baskets, bathroom Renovation furniture … Change or add these elements for new ones and you will see what change you will achieve both aesthetically and functionally.

Decorate The Walls With Pictures :

We all have one or hundreds of images that captivate us. From our family, our pet, our hobby or our talent, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we can add some beautiful pictures to the Bathroom Renovation with one of these images, to give it personality and character, and make it a little less cold and impersonal, as most bathrooms are.

Paint The Bathroom Renovation :

If the bathtub is so old that it already has even pitted areas with rust but you do not decide to change it, then dare to paint it. With a good sanding, a previous primer, and ceramic enamel of your favorite color, in a weekend you can completely transform your bathtub, and therefore, your bathroom.And, if you are going to change it, here you have a large collection of bathtubs , free-standing or built-in.

Change The Appliques :

Not only change the sconces, but also the lamp or ceiling light; In other words, Bathroom Renovation lighting can be a radical change, always for the better, for your bathroom.These changes to renew the bathroom are so simple and inexpensive that I would almost dare to say that they can all be done in one weekend, giving our bathroom a completely new and rejuvenated appearance.And you, how do you keep your bathroom young and up to date? I read you in the comments.Photos: Domino, Loony, Domaine Home, Ambers Interior, BHG, Guehne Made, Interior Design.