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Your garage is your impregnable fortress: what you need to know about garage doors before you buy

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Once a very smart person said: “Your home is your castle!” This is because he most likely did not know about the existence of high-quality Australian Doors 4U Garage Doors garage doors, which in July can be . Today they say differently: “My garage is my fortress.” But how true are such bold statements? And why should you choose Doors 4U , and not cheaper analogues?

Your garage is your impregnable fortress: what you need to know about the garage door before the purchase - Kaliningrad News

“Fortress” is a synonym for reliability. There is no doubt about the reliability of : it is Australian quality! Every detail, before entering the market, undergoes lengthy tests and is brought to perfection. Doors 4U Garage Doors is committed to producing high-quality designs that can truly last up to 15–20 years! This period is achieved due to minimal wear and a long resource of components used in production.

The main task of the garage door is to prevent any penetration from the outside, that is, to keep the car and the property stored in the garage in integrity. And with this task Doors 4U copes one hundred percent! Thanks to the 42 mm thick double panel and the effect of protection against moisture and corrosion, steel garage doors are strong and durable.

Yes, you can buy cheaper Chinese counterparts, but the consequences for your car and property can be disastrous! Therefore, before buying it is worth considering whether it is really worth saving a little on the purchase of garage doors, which, by the way, are installed much longer than several years? And what could be the consequences if the protection of your property is not so reliable?

Your garage is your impregnable fortress: what you need to know about the garage door before the purchase - Kaliningrad News

of course, you can object, saying that the gates should not only be reliable, but also aesthetic, because this is part of the exterior, and the fortresses are usually gray and inconspicuous. This does not apply to the Doors 4UGarageDoors goal. The time of “boring”, purely functional metal gates is long gone, because at Doors 4U  power, reliability and quality are perfectly combined with expressive style and design! On a special offer with a benefit of up to 30%, 6 bright colors are available, as well as white aluminum or brown. And in addition to color, you can choose the decor: gold, dark or night oak. So from the point of view of design, you can definitely choose the option you need!

Doors 4U Garage Doors

It is equally important that Doors 4U Garage Doors is of any form: width from 2 m to 5 m and height from 2 m to 3 m. And any configurations: sectional, lift-swivel, roll, with remote control – you can easily find a solution, which will correspond to the task.

According to statistics *, sectional  are the most popular among Kaliningraders. And this is no accident! They have excellent thermal insulation properties. In addition, thanks to the stable door leaf, they are distinguished by an almost silent soft stroke. The gates open vertically and are in the open position under the ceiling, saving usable space. This fundamental design feature provides maximum space both inside and in front of the garage