• Mon. May 23rd, 2022
home automation

Ten years ago it seemed like fiction, but today home automation is an integral part of modern homes. Better yet, this technology forms the key to a more efficient and energy-efficient home.


Home automation has meanwhile proven to be much more than a trending technology for rich people. The status monitoring of your home and adapting help you to several viewpoints. You can thus save a lot of energy. From your smartphone, you check the status, but also the consumption of different devices and systems in your home. After a limited intervention – it is no longer necessary to demolish to install a automation system – you can save a lot in the long run. Plus, you always have control over your ‘smart home’!


home automation

With home automation , you have control over many devices. From your smartphone, you adjust the lights and can even choose a cool color. A smart thermostat gives you the option of setting up a weekly schedule or changing it when you go abroad. Want to hear your favorite songs when you get home? Home automation allows it!

So for many devices in your house there is a smart version. But the downside of all these, made by different manufacturers, is that they cannot communicate with each other . Fortunately, this is entirely possible with a good home automation system.

In this way, you can make multiple devices interact:

  • Are you leaving your house? All the lights go out and your heating turns off.
  • Our sensor measures that it’s hot enough and the sun is shining enough inside? In this case, it automatically adapts the temperature, so that you do not consume too much.
  • Did you leave a window open? The window sensor automatically detects this and sends you a message if a storm is looming on the horizon.
  • Is your TV or game console still on after the children have left the room? Our presence sensor then sends a signal to the system to indicate that no one is in the room where the devices are connected.


Thanks to a well-integrated home automation system, you always have a perfect overview of your electricity consumption . In addition, ONE provides meters for water and gas consumption! Thus, you have an accurate picture of your total consumption and can detect energy-consuming devices. All sockets equipped with a ONE terminal block (which communicates with the home automation system) appear in the home automation app. Do you realize that the television or the computer are still on standby? You can turn them off remotely, from your smartphone.

Depending on the type of house (old, new construction, passive, etc.), you can quickly save 10 to 15% of energy .


To find out how to transform your home into a smart home, you can contact us . We would be happy to explain all the possibilities and savings you can achieve with ONE home automation!